Why I Walked 1 Million Steps In 31 Days

Taking steps forward to break into positivity

  • Went through a bereavement, unable to swallow and digest the pain from it
  • Quit my new job, as I did not feel my inner voice was being heard
  • Struggled to find another job, putting on weight and dragging my mood right down
  • Eventually landed in a job, that ejected me after a month
  • Listen to nature, feel the leaves and trees and look into distances. I learnt to love what was always around me
  • Do something with positive thoughts, do not choose to generate and quash them. Talk to someone about them, share them, write them down. Act on them. Just like I am doing now.

Unlearner. Relearner. Wellness Practitioner. Developer. Self-developer. Enabler: of tech and people. Multifaceted, multi-passionate creative.

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