I gave myself a chance to see this beautiful place, Queenstown in New Zealand. The last country I had visited in 2020.

What were the chances that 2020 would have been the year it was?

At the previous level that people were understanding the world they were living in, it was a fraction of a tiny chance that anything we’d seen in a film would ever come true. Instead of us jumping into the drama, savouring it and having time to snap out of it, the situation that unfolded engulfed every soul on the planet. Even if you were not sick, you definitely were affected in some way or another.

Yet, buried in the midst of the last year, a lot of…

A beautiful sunset in São Paulo, Brazil.

In the fast-moving world that we live in, sometimes we don’t even take a moment to think about what we say. Either it’s a foregone conclusion and we’ve said it. Or, we take a step back, consider our response carefully and deliver it.

Enoughness is linked to many concepts of life, including acceptance, letting go and surrendering in many ways. …

I was lost in myself, but what happened and how did I get back? (Annecy, France in July 2019)

I last wrote on Medium in 2018. But today, I got an email that told me someone started to follow me on here. It was one of those moments that suddenly alerted me to why I started writing here, and what I had lost since then.

2018 was meant to be that new start, breaking away from the comfortable and known and with open arms, embracing what I really wanted to do with my life — set my own course, write, speak and help others overcome their own hurdles.

I then got swallowed up by that comfortable life in September…

Resilience, fortitude and strength are the keys that can unlock the doors to true happiness

Traveling is one my greatest passions in life. I have been fortunate to have visited places far and wide, but this is not about travel from one place to another. It’s about how I stumbled upon a set of cultures, ways of living that helped guide me through the long, dark days where I would be suffering with the winter blues.

Britain is famous for many things. The Royal Family, Brexit, and the weather. There’s nothing more exciting than expecting great weather. Then again, I find that living in a country where a great summer’s day is often washed out…

Recently, I found myself renewing a pledge that I had made to myself in 2013; which was to travel and see more of the world around me. I had achieved most of that quite successfully, taking myself to places near and far. Growing up meant that I had more control over my life, understanding that there was definitely more to find, see and experience. And, actually understand what inspired and help build my resilience.

From time to time, I tend to flick through my worn passport as if it was a mail order catalogue. Where have I been lately? Chile…

Harness the power of the smaller things in life, that can have the biggest impact on your habits

Oscar Niemeyer’s Edifício Copan, São Paulo, Brazil (2015)

Most of us begin each morning begins with a ritual of some sort. It can range from coffee, to music, to cooking, perhaps packing kids off to school. Mine, well, it has gone through several variations, only to land on something we all may be taking for granted.

In between day and night, we are an evolving species. Yet, we’ve evolved to forget that we live with nature’s ritual: the circadian rhythm dictated by the sun rising and setting everyday. I use it as a way to reset myself. I glance at my watch each morning that I wake up…

The process of living and developing better lives start at the point at which we start to study

Jan Vašek / jeshoots.com

Life is stressful, in many ways. At any point in our lives, we might be exposed to stress, anxiety and issues that we don’t know how to identify, let alone deal with. This is also the case for students taking on a years-long experience away from home, subject to academic and social dynamics.

As bombarded as we are with numbers, data and research, some of these are important to understand within the context.

1.3m steps later, I had reached an unintended destination

The work of Samy Benmayor, at La Galería Gabriela Mistral de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago de Chile in March 2017

I conquered over 1 million steps in May 2018. After issuing myself with an even greater challenge, I ended up walking nearly 1.3 million steps the following month.

However, it all came to a sudden stop. On July 1st, I woke up and I could not walk. I had sprained my right foot.

I felt a sense of deflation, almost anger because I had been actively pushing myself to a place that was high on the ladder of ambition. What was I going to do now?

I then realised that whilst it was a great thing to have on my…

Where *are* we all going in life?

Are you a good driver down the roads and highways of life? I’m learning to be, and it continues to be a bumpy journey.

The most influential people in my life arrived into it within the last 15 years. Yes, that’s only half way into my life. I was lucky and determined enough to meet them at the positive waypoints that I had chosen on the new route map of my life.

My internal GPS carefully tried to understand where I was, and where I wanted to get to. With scrambled signals, it became a hit and miss process, as…

Taking steps forward to break into positivity

It is hard to escape negativity, since it might be lurking in places where you never expect it (like sugar, surprise!). It could be tucked away in your social media feeds, your conversations and even through people you may think are your friends.

Mine was deep set, engrained within my mind for many years, having been passed down from those close to me. In the normal cycle we experience of sleeping and waking I stepped upon a change, one that I was not expecting.

Peeking from under the covers that particular morning at the end of April, I spotted a…

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