Wise words, from my travels to Singapore (2005)

I have spent years thinking about my life and true identity. How can I use my life to help others discover theirs? Is there something I can do, to help build something positive and meaningful? And here it is.

It has to do with the quality of the mindset and thoughts. It is something that I have always wanted to do, and very close to me as a person. After listening to many people from all walks of life talk about other people’s lives, I believe that we have spent years obsessing with phrases such as ‘quality of life’ and ‘standards of living’.

We know deep down that we don’t have either — because they are both measured and driven by wealth and money. I have neither money nor a house to my name, yet I have my mind. It is mine, it is free and powerful.

So, why? A different, stronger type of fulfilment lies in the quality of how we think, around the people, ideas and world around us is what will ultimately shape our lives in the years to come. A better quality of mind gives you a better quality of life in the long-term. And this applies to everyone, everyday, in every situation imaginable.

There are many factors today that easily wear and break a person down, I know as I was brought up in such a situation, and have been that person many times. But, what we can do together to help build people’s lives through better, quality states of mind is ultimately the stronger side that we need to be on. It might even help deliver that elusive ‘quality of life’ and elevate those so-called ‘standards of living’.

And it feels strangely right, to focus on something that fails so often, but can produce the greatest things we have ever known. The only strongest thing I have right now, is my willingness and determination to empower others with better ways to develop and act on quality thoughts and mindsets.

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